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    • The MR-58 pedal receiver has consistent housing and control panel as the MR-24 and has its own color. It is equipped with 5 GHz receiving circuitry to be the most advanced model in the ISM band nowadays. Other than superior anti-interference characteristics and more compatible channels, it has even perfect and quality sound.
    • Worldwide operation in license-free 5 GHz ISM band avoids the interference and telecom regulations in the 2.4 GHz and UHF band. Features wide operation range, reliable performance, more compatible channels and natural sound reproduction.
    • Sturdy metal construction with unique color, large graphic LCD screen and easy to use footswitch.
    • High-sensitivity built-in antenna with specific structure designed to prevent accidental breakage.
    • Uses 9~12V DC power supply with input auto tip + or -, convenient to string with other effects.
    • Balanced output jack with ground lift switch for PA system connection eliminates electrical noise.
    • Micro SD Card Slot for user programming and firmware updates.
    • The circuit design and features are compatible with the MIPRO ACT-5800 Series.
Frequency Range 5 GHz – ISM band (5,725~5,850 MHz)
Channel Set-up ACT sync
Audio Sampling 24-bit / 48 kHz Rate
Frequency Response 18 Hz~23 kHz
Latency < 1.7 ms
S/N Ratio > 120dB (A)
T.H.D 0.04 % @ 1 kHz
Sensitivity -95 dBm
Receiving Mode True Diversity Receiving