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The AX6C Line Array is a passive system equipped with six 3.5” neodymium transducers with waterproof cones, designed for portable and permanently installed applications where high power and clarity are needed. The aluminum frame box structure ensures lightweight and strength, while the shape features a back-loaded transmission line design that delivers clean mid-bass reproduction and natural cardioid behaviour. A Front Diffraction Waveguide (FDW) delivers wide horizontal dispersion, making the system flexible and adaptable to many different applications.
The AX6C line array module has been designed to be used as a stand-alone or multiple column system in fixed installations, frontfill, or under balcony applications, and for low-profile stage monitoring solutions. It can also be combined with AX12C and AX12LF columns in multiple column systems in different configurations.
The AX6C can be driven by the SW2100A processed active subwoofer or by QC Series Class D processed amplifiers. Up to eight AX6C modules (or different combinations of AX6C and AX12C) can be driven by one channel of the SW2100A subwoofer or of a QC amplifier. Different presets for different combinations are available for the built-in CORE DSP, which can be also remotely controlled using PRONET AX software.
Thanks to the elegant mechanical design the AX6C can be easily transported, while the integrated suspension system makes its deployment very fast and simple. Each unit comes with two aluminum brackets and four pins that allows multiple array elements to be easily combined either together, with the AX12C, or with the matching SW2100A subwoofer. The brackets allow inter-cabinet angles of 0° and 2°.
A complete range of accessories for transport, installation and connections is available.
KPTAX12C Flybar for suspending up to 8 units
KPTWAX6C Bracket for wall, ceiling, or floor mounting
KPTWAX12C Wall bracket for up to 4 units
KPTFAXC Foam adapters for stage monitor or frontfill application
KPTFAX12C Floor stand
KPTPOLEAX12C Pole adapter
AXCASE12PT Flight case for six AX6C
COVERAX6C Cover / carry bag for single AX6C
PLG716 Galvanised steel shackle
ESO2500LU025  25cm 4x4mm speakON™ linking cable
• High Power passive portable Line Array element
• 6 x 3.5” neodymium transducers with waterproof cones
• 180W continuous power – 360W program power
• Line Array dispersion characteristics
• Acoustic transmission line back loading design, resulting in clean mid-bass reproduction and natural cardioid behaviour
• Wide horizontal dispersion through Front Diffraction Waveguide (FDW)
• Fast, easy-to-use integrated suspension system
• Aluminium frame structure
• Designed for mobile and installed applications
• Black or white finish
• Portable system for live bands
• Installed system for theatres, clubs, houses of worship, conference rooms
• Portable AV system for corporate events
• High performance mobile DJ system