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PA DWSKIT – комплект беспроводной конференц-системы, состоящий из четырех микрофонов DWS и приемной станции BMW. Рабочие частоты 610–669,75 МГц. Для этого диапазона допускается одновременная работа трех приемных станций BMW, таким образом можно собрать систему максимум на 12 микрофонов. Дальность работы микрофонов при прямой видимости – до 50 метров.

Wireless conference system is composed by a receiver unit referred DWS, four wireless stands MW and a battery charger. The system is UHF PLL and is equipped with an anti- interferences system and TONE LOCK. 2 Frequencies range are available within the following bands : a: 610÷ 670 MHz and b:730÷ 790MHzs For each frequency range 3 receivers units for a maximum of 12 call stations . When both range of frequencies are used, we can obtain up to 6 receivers units (3 from one frequency range and 3 from the other ) for a maximum of 24 (12 with set up on the frequency range of the type a and 12 of the type b ) working contemporaneously. Each central unit features 4 channels: Each stand BMW is operating exclusively on one of the fourth frequency ranges). The stand power supply is effected through a couple of rechargeable AA 1,2V 1200mA batteries or in alternative a couple of normal disposable AA,1,5 V batteries.

Main features:

  • Dual display
  • Keys for navigation
  • Single level control for each stand Infrared technology for operating frequency set up
  • Balanced output and mixed unbalanced output
  • Single output for each channel Channel or Tuning frequency mode
  • Squelch control separately and for each single stand
  • Wireless console with display and light ring to indicate operating condition
  • Range 50/60 mt
  • Case in metal one unit 19” rack standard.